About Adelaide's Concrete Cancer Repair Experts

Synergy have been involved in the Concrete Cancer Repair industry for over 30 years.

Concrete Cancer is caused by the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete structures. It is a significant worldwide problem that causes building owners multi-billion dollar losses each year. Buildings with 'Concrete Cancer' that remain untreated will continue to deteriorate and may even suffer severe structural failure.

A South Australian owned and operated company, Synergy Specialists Pty Ltd has worked on both government and commercial buildings including SA Transport, SA Water, DTEI, Women's and Children's Hospital and Royal Adelaide Hospital, as well as work for many commercial companies and buildings including AMP, BHP, Bridgestone, Hilton and Hyatt Hotels and the Myer Centre.

Synergy was founded in 1987 and specialises in concrete investigation and repair. Two principal sevices are offered:

    > Engineering Facade and Concrete specialist repair work.
    > Contracting Facade and Concrete specialist repair work.

The company is run with engineering management. The blend of engineering and hands-on contract experience ensures that repairs are practical and completed to a high quality standard:

Synergy is the only specialist concrete-related South Australian repair firm with qualified in-house engineering.

This ensures the following:

    > A professional philosophy and approach to repair work.
    > Selection of appropriate materials for specific damage rehabilitation.
    > A high standard of repair, material and durability expertise.
    > An understanding of requirements to achieve future durability.
    > The ability to assess existing and newer repair technologies.
    > An appreciation of structural behaviour of repair structures.
    > Expertise to assess strengthening requirements or assess failure risk.